SCANBUDDY® Sheave Wheel Profiler

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SCANBUDDY® Sheave Wheel Profiler


Designed for mining operations that make use of sheave wheels such as for hoisting machinery or draglines. Inspection (NDT) companies that routinely inspect sheave wheels for the life extension of wire ropes and sheaves.

Existing Systems
Previous solutions to inspecting sheave wheels make use of contact techniques. This includes the use of pantographs, sheave gauges, and even the use of plaster casts. None of these methods allow the user to effectively quantify readings or easily record or transmit readings.

Accuracy of scan
The speed of use and accuracy of the sheave wheel profiler can be attributed to its non-contact method of measurement. Even a novice user can perform a scan within two minutes and achieve accuracies of better than 1mm.

Software Package
The included software allows the user to scan a sheave wheel with a single sweep of the laser. The software allows for an easy comparison with previous scans and trending of profiles for determining wear rates. It also provides a set of measuring cursors and manufacturer’s specifications for automated report writing.




This product comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty on manufacturing faults and workmanship. Scanbuddy supports all products – with all repairs and calibrations currently being done in New Zealand and South Africa.


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