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Our ECHO series represents a breakthrough in portable ultrasonic inspection. The ECHO series can quickly and easily switch from corrosion or precision thickness gaging, to flaw detector all offered in a rugged, custom package. The perfect size of fit and function!

The new ECHO series comes in several configurations. ECHO 9 is our corrosion gage using dual transducers, ECHO 7 is our precision thickness gage with 1 micron resolution using single element transducers and ECHO 8 is the ultimate unit combining corrosion and precision thickness gage utilising both dual and single element transducers. ECHO FD is our flaw detector.

ECHO series was designed specifically as a platform to allow the instrument total flexibility. What this means is you are never stuck with just a basic model, but rath-er, an instrument that can expand with you as your business and applications expand. The ECHO series is available in many configurations as listed in the model’s chart. An inspection company may be required to do everyday thickness surveys requiring a live waveform and datalogger and also need to perform AWS weld inspection work; the model for you would be the ECHO 9FD allowing you to quickly and easily switch from corrosion to flaw mode in seconds. We also address a wide variety of features and budgets to meet your every need. The platform allows for quick updating of software directly from the keypad so unlocking the un-limited potential of the ECHO platform is simply a few keystrokes away.

The ECHO series has a remarkable sunlight readable 3.5” color display, up to 32 GB of micro SD memory, built-in rechargeable high capacity Li Ion battery all packaged in a custom case designed for IP67 rating. ECHO Series can measure from 0.020” to 23” in steel in corrosion mode or as thin as 0.006” in steel when con-figured as a precision thickness gauge.




Limited 2 year warranty under normal use on parts and labour for gauge, 90 days for the probe. The probe should not be dropped or used around ferrous materials such as iron, steel, doing so will invalidate the warranty.


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