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The ScanBuddy® Manual Corrosion Scanner is designed to take the frustration out of corrosion scanning. The scanner is highly configurable to the customer’s needs and can be adjusted to suit a multitude of probes.

Our scanner is made with the highest quality components, CNC machined and assembled in house. Nearly all spare components are mostly kept in stock, giving service and repair very quick turnaround times.

Streamlined processes and productivity and in-house manufacturing of most components ensure that we can deliver a high-quality product, at a very competitive price.

Most ultrasonic and eddy-current machines are compatible with our system. The only requirement is a dual encoder input. The scanner has a HD 15 pin D-type connector for its encoder output and can be connected to most machines with an adaptor cable. Adaptor cables available at an additional cost.

The scanner is equipped with a spring-loaded probe holder, running on stainless steel linear bearings. This ensures smooth and accurate movement. The probe holders can be adjusted up and down. They can also tilt to give the optimum perpendicular down force to the probe. Adjustable probe width makes fitting probes quick and easy. Probe holders can adjust to accept most standard ultrasonic and phased-array probes and wedges. Only basic tools needed for any adjustments.

Powerful neodymium magnetic wheels ensure secure attachment to ferritic test surfaces. Two of the wheels are easily lockable.




This product comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty on manufacturing faults and workmanship. Scanbuddy supports all products – with all repairs and calibrations currently being done in New Zealand and South Africa.


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