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As material, equipment and structures are being optimised for ever smaller factors of safety and require ever longer life, so NDT capabilities need to find ever smaller defects.

Smaller defects need not only better inspection techniques, but also better representation of the captured data. Instead of statistical measurements, a complete scan of the component under inspection is required. This usually requires data to be captured at all positions, such that a 100% inspection is achieved.

Inspections requiring such coverage usually make use of expensive robots, crawlers or manipulators. In the case of site work or rope access work, such large equipment is costly, impractical and time consuming to setup. Instead of using mechanised systems, ScanBuddy now offer the Matrix.

This encoder is very portable, consisting of a small control box and two wire encoders. The system is therefore easy to transport in hand luggage, and easy to manoeuvre during inspections.

The small control box is connected to your existing NDT equipment, such as a phased array set, UT set, eddy current set or any equipment that can be used with two or more encoders. The two encoders are then simply clamped onto the component under inspection with the use of the two magnetic feet, or two suction cups (optional).

The probe used for the inspection is then connected to the end of both wire encoders and calibrated with the use of a push button on the control box. Once with the probe against the left encoder and once against the right encoder. The NDT equipment then receives the position feedback as if it were connected to two perpendicular encoders, thus simulating a robot, manipulator or crawler. Data captured as is normally done for C-Scan.




This product comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty on manufacturing faults and workmanship. Scanbuddy supports all products – with all repairs and calibrations currently being done in New Zealand and South Africa.


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